3 Different Types of Decorative Stone and How you Can Use Them for Your Landscaping Project

If you are thinking about landscaping your garden, there is every chance you will need to use an aggregate such as decorative stone. While one of the main reasons for using decorative stone is to enhance the appearance of your garden, they tend to work best when used in a way that makes the most of their individual characteristics. So, for the purpose of this short article, we thought we would have a look at 3 different types of decorative stone, and how they can be used if you are undertaking a landscaping project at home.


Natural shaping by running water gives pebbles their smooth, round appearance. This makes them the ideal choice if you are thinking of making a water feature part of your new-look garden. Pebbles come in a variety of natural colours that will give features such as a pond a very authentic feel. In addition, they provide visual enhancement for potted plants, whilst suppressing weed growth, when used in conjunction with landscape fabrics. Due to their rounded surface, pebbles are also great for garden pathways – and you can even walk barefoot on them in safety, if you want to.


There is always the risk of a sharp piece cutting your tyre open if you use slate as a driveway, since it consists of sharper and larger segments of stone. In addition to being brittle, the slate will crumble over time if put under constant stress by heavy cars, and the build-up of dust will cause drainage issues. However because it comes in a range of colours such as grey, green, blue, purple and red, slate is the perfect choice when it comes to decorating the borders surrounding ponds, pathways and patios.

Gravel and Granite

Gravel and granite are probably the most well-known of the decorative aggregates. That is because it can be routinely seen on the drives and pathways of many homes around the country. Granite is a superior product to gravel due to its hard wearing qualities and longer life span. The most famous granite is known as “Lanark Red”, which is produced here at Cloburn Quarry. Used world wide on domestic pathways and driveways as well as commercial projects, our Lanark Red, with its bright red rich colour adds real value and character to any project or property.

Gravel is an attractive and cost-effective choice when it comes to driveways. Not only is it relatively cheap to buy, but once in situ, other than occasional filling in, there is literally no maintenance needed. If deciding between gravel or granite then granite is clearly the superior product to choose from. Granite also has excellent drainage properties providing your garden against periods of heavy rain.

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We hope you are now familiar with these three different types of decorative stone and how you can best utilise them. Remember, before ordering, it’s always advisable to make a conservative estimate of how much you need. If you are unsure how much you will need for your project, don’t worry; you can make use of our aggregate calculator, which will provide you with an accurate assessment of your needs.

Try Our Gravel Driveway Cost Calculator

By utilising our stone aggregate calculator, you can avoid the issue of ordering too much or little material for the project at hand. With our gravel calculator, working out the volume of gravel you’ll need for your next landscape project is simple and hassle-free. Our gravel coverage calculator has been designed to provide you with an accurate estimate in an instant. What’s more, we can even provide you with a free sample. So, why not try before you buy?

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