5 Reasons Why Granite Is the Perfect Choice for Your Driveway

Granite Chippings are one of several aggregates that are regularly used in landscaping projects. However, for the purpose of this article, we thought we would concentrate on why granite chippings are the perfect choice when you are looking to upgrade your driveway. Granite chippings are an extremely versatile stone and have several attributes that make them ideal for use on any driveway which include:


Because of its very nature, a driveway is going to be subjected to heavy use. Most modern cars are relatively heavy objects and as such can place a strain on any driveway. While other surfaces like concrete, tarmac or paving are likely to crack over time, granite will not. This is because a driveway constructed from granite chippings is flexible and rather than cracking under any strain they will simply disperse. As a result, they are an extremely durable and long-lasting option.


Drives constructed from granite chippings provide homes with a natural security solution. This is because it is impossible to walk or drive on them without making some sort of noise. Which makes it impossible for anyone to approach your property without alerting the occupants. So, when you use granite chippings for your drive or pathways it will undoubtedly make your property a much more secure place.


Granite chippings are extremely attractive and for that reason, they are often seen on the driveways of many large expensive properties. Granite chippings can immediately transform the look of any driveway, with the bonus that they can easily cover up any unsightly surfaces. Cloburns famous Lanark Red Granite Chippings are the UK’s leading aggregate, known for its famous deep red colouring and low maintenance. 

Low Maintenance

Unlike other surfaces such as block paving, granite chippings are really low maintenance. Literally, all you will be required to do is occasionally brush them back into place and in the worst-case scenario maybe add some supplementary chippings after a period of time. 

Low Cost 

The fact that you need a large number of granite chippings for your driveway gives many people the impression that it will be an expensive option. However, this could not be further from the truth as granite chippings are surprisingly cheap when you buy in bulk. When you add this to their longevity it makes them a very cost-effective option when you are looking to resurface your driveway. We have an aggregate calculator that can help you determine how much granite would be needed for your driveway.

So, in conclusion, granite is the ideal choice for Gravel Driveways as is a versatile and extremely affordable option for anyone looking to resurface their drive. They are a simple and easy to lay alternative to more traditional surfaces such as paving and cement.


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