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Overseas Markets

Overseas Markets

Cloburn red aggregates are used extensively in Holland and Germany to provide a textured red surface on concrete paving blocks.

Exposed aggregate block paving has several advantages over standard blocks which normally depend on pigment for their colour; Cloburn red aggregates are guaranteed to keep their colour for life and it will only improve with age; the actual surface area is greatly increased and this means the blocks will stay clean for much longer. They are also non-slip whilst being extremely comfortable to walk on. There are several methods of producing an exposed aggregate finish. Please contact our sales office on 01555 663 444 if you wish to contact a UK supplier of this type of product or send us your enquiry via our Contact Page.

Red Asphalt

Cloburn red granite has gained an international reputation in a number of high profile coloured asphalt projects. Unlike asphalt which is simply coloured with pigment, Cloburn red granite surfacing retains its full colour for all time. It has been used for walkways in America, bus lanes in Japan and cycle paths in Holland. Cloburn aggregates in a red asphalt offer a winning combination of a smooth surface and a striking red finish. 
Please contact our sales office on 01555 663 444 for advice on approved UK surfacing contractors in your area or send us your enquiry through our Contact Page.