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Everyone wants their model railway to be as authentic as possible – which is why model maker track ballast from Cloburn Quarry is essential for your layout.

Cloburn track ballast has been a feature of Britain’s rail network since 1896 and is by far the most common track ballast throughout Scotland. Red track ballast is also used extensively in the South of England and on the Channel Tunnel approaches.  

Made from the same high specification granite as the real thing, Cloburn model maker track ballast is bright red in colour and as hard as nails.  Our track ballast is a premium quality product suitable for high speed lines.  It is as popular with Network Rail as it was with Railtrack and British Rail before them. For many years track ballast was rated on its Wet Attrition Value and Cloburn set the standard for all other suppliers.  However now that WAV has been replaced by more modern tests Cloburn ballast still leads the way.  In addition its smooth surface texture protects other track related products including the underside of concrete sleepers.  

Just remember, if you’re looking to give your model railway a touch of authenticity there is really only one place to turn for track ballast - and that is Cloburn Quarry.

For more information on Cloburn model maker track ballast call Cloburn Quarry today.

Anyone who is passionate about keeping fish will quickly recognise red granite from Cloburn Quarry as an excellent way to create a welcoming and visually attractive environment for their favourite  species.

The key when decorating fish tanks and aquariums is to choose the right kind of sand and grit that provides a healthy environment for your fish. By doing this in a closed environment, fish will be able to thrive.

It’s important to choose rocks such as Cloburn that do not contain calcium. These rocks can provide fish with shelter, while also offering places to hide and to lay eggs. Furthermore they can be used as territorial boundaries, which is essential for a number of species to survive together. It’s best therefore to build rock structures directly on the bottom of the tank and then to add gravel which will prevent any anaerobic bacteria beds from forming.

As a tip when setting up a fish tank and aquarium, place the rock structures in the tank and position them in a suitable manner so that they cannot fall and possibly crack the glass. Then add a substrate: for tanks with different types of fish, use an appropriate grade and type gravel; while for fish tanks with plants you should first place a one inch layer of clay type soil with suitable fertiliser then add an additional couple of inches of the Cloburn red granite.

Another reason to choose the red granite aggregates from Cloburn is that the company also offers sand and grit as well as rock features so you can rest assured about the environment you are creating for your fish. Indeed if you have a large or commercial aquarium it is even possible to buy sizes up to one metre – just call and outline your requirements.