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10mm Red Aggregate Pathway Gravel

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10mm Red Aggregate Pathway Gravel

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10mm Red Aggregate

10mm Red Aggregate Pathway Gravel

An attractive choice for paths and any features with lighter traffic, Cloburn Quarry 10mm pathway chippings can rejuvenate the look and feel of your property.

One of the most decorative aggregates available this is a popular choice for gardens as it is an effective way of adding natural colour and contrast to a variety of settings. One glance at these Cloburn red chippings can make a home stand out from the crowd and potentially increase its value when compared to a neighbouring property of a similar standard. The 10mm pathway gravel is also well-suited to rockery stones as it allows moisture through to the plants it surrounds while reducing the rate of evaporation just as mulch would. It is also extremely durable as it was formed millions of years ago from molten lava. This has made our chippings popular as they will last a lifetime and allow owners to get on with the rest of their garden without wasting time on their upkeep. Cloburn garden chippings are also popular for pathways where they are pleasant to walk on as well as aesthetically pleasing. In recent years, Cloburn stone chippings have also enjoyed a surge in popularity as landscaping materials for large scale projects. Our materials are often found at golf courses and other well-kept commercial garden venues. One of the attractions of our products is that their colour gets more vibrant as they weather with age. For commercial landscaping, Cloburn Quarry can also supply ready-mixed concrete, filter stone, sub-bases and drainage material alongside other construction solutions such as gabion and revetment stone. In addition, Cloburn Quarry’s products, including this 10mm pathway granite, meet all current UK and EU specifications. Bespoke products are also available if required.