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20mm Red Aggregate

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20mm Red Aggregate

20mm Red Aggregate

Imagine replacing the old tired gravel on your driveway with a bright new product which not only makes it look better, but which also adds to your property’s value, is maintenance free and could make your home safer as well.

That is what can be achieved with Cloburn 20mm decorative driveway aggregate. Not only are these aggregates beautiful to look at, but they are also highly durable and virtually maintenance free. Once they have been laid the most they will need may be an occasional rake.
Produced from high strength granite, the technical qualities of our aggregates far exceed those of river gravel, pebbles, slate or other stone chippings. Cloburn red granite chippings could even  increase your property’s value by making all the difference to a prospective buyer. They will even help keep your property safe as they create a distinctive crunching sound under foot making it difficult for someone to approach unannounced.  

Cloburn red granite chippings are also popular on large landscaping projects and they are well suited for use on golf courses, public parks, cemeteries and cycle paths as well.

If you want to improve the look and functionality of your home or add the perfect finishing touch to a landscaping project then consider our 20mm decorative red aggregates. Although that some stockists sell inferior products, if you order via the Cloburn sales office or with our online facility you are guaranteed to receive Europe’s premier red granite.

Cloburn red granite aggregates will be delivered free to your door in 2 to 5 working days.  Either order online or call us on 01555 663 444.Then we can deliver either straight from our quarry or from one of the stockists in your area. Typically, deliveries can be made within 24hrs and Saturday morning deliveries are also available if required, at extra cost.