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Cloburn SUDS

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Cloburn SUDS

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cloburn SUDS

Cloburn SUDS

Approved by the UK’s leading paving suppliers, Cloburn offers high quality granite aggregates tailor made for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

From 2008 onwards it became necessary for homeowners to obtain planning permission for any project that involves paving an area of more than five square metres unless permeable blocks and an approved drainage system is used. This is where Cloburn SUDS aggregates can solve your problems.

The idea behind the drainage design is straightforward. It is meant to reflect a natural system with low environmental impact to drain away any dirty and surface water before releasing it back into the environment. This counters the negative effects of conventional drainage solutions which can exacerbate flooding and pollution of the environment causing harm to wildlife and leading to the contamination of groundwater resources possibly used for drinking water.

Cloburn aggregates for SUDS are available for all projects ranging from 1-3mm to 40mm single size.

If you are interested in our SUDS aggregates contact Call us on 01555 663 444 or use our Contact Page for up to date advice and information in your area.