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High strength, cost effective and with a beautiful texture, Cloburn Granitsand™ has been specially manufactured as a premium bedding material for block paving and concrete slabs. A special blend of Granitsand™ is also available for high strength concrete.

Granitsand™ is made by washing crushed rock fines to remove the minus 75micron fraction. This creates an extremely durable bedding product with a number of advantages over pit or natural sand.  It will not degrade under the heaviest traffic and its cubical particles give it superior load bearing and stability.  Not only will it remain fully workable no matter what the weather conditions may be, it will help resist traffic deformation of the finished surface.   Granitsand™ is the smart choice for bedding concrete and clay paving blocks as well as concrete and natural stone paving slabs.

It is also ideal as a concrete sand as it produces a highly wear wear-resistant matrix which is particularly important for commercial grade concrete flooring which has to resist high abrasion in all weathers.  
As with all Cloburn granite products it was formed millions of years ago from molten lava and while cheaper alternatives may be available once you have laid Granitsand you shouldn’t have to worry about it again - and of course it has the added advantage of its distinctive red colour which will improve with age.

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