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Red Granite Firechip

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Red Granite Firechip

Firechip™ is one of the most diverse and flexible aggregates in the Cloburn range with an extensive range of uses.

Popular for golf course paths, walkways, amenity areas and cycle paths, Firechip is free draining and pleasant to walk on but is capable of carrying heavy loads and will not break down under traffic. It is also impervious to frost. This has made it one of the most sought-after landscape materials among local authorities, landscape architects and sports ground contractors and it has successfully replaced lesser materials such as colliery spoil and blaes. It is easily compacted and has provided a cost effective and visually attractive solution at many of the UK’s leading golf courses.

Firechip is not only tougher than most of its competitors but it is lighter too meaning that a tonne of this material will cover more ground than its rivals. When compacted it weighs two tonnes per cubic metre. As the minimum recommended depth for vehicle traffic is 75mm, this means that one tonne will cover seven square metres – ideal for car park aggregates. It is well-suited to walkways and pathways too, as 50mm depth is sufficient for pedestrian traffic meaning that one tonne will cover 10 square metres.

Commonly used to top dress and upgrade existing pathways Firechip is extremely user friendly. Although initial rolling is preferable, it is not required as Firechip should compact naturally with traffic and is virtually maintenance free. However, occasional raking will ensure a smoother finish.