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Do you require a product that will provide much needed traction when weather conditions deteriorate due to ice or snow?

Cloburn Quarry Company produce a wide range of fine grained granite materials that provide the ideal solution when the Great British weather inevitably turns wintry.

Our gritting products range in size from 0/2mm to 2/5mm and can be supplied either loose or in bulk or mini bags.

Applications include commercial and domestic pathways, driveways and amenity areas – practically any area that requires peace of mind whether underfoot or for vehicular access.

Due to the inherent bright red colour of the material, the product can be also to mark out the treated area. The colour, and the fact the material is salt free has even made it popular on some major airports including Heathrow and Gatwick.  

Additionally, as our granite products are not perishable like traditional rock salt, once the ice or snow has melted, the material can be swept up and re-used.