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14mm Aggregate Path Chippings

14mm Aggregate Path Chippings

Domestic Landscaping

14mm decorative aggregate
£126.00 (per bulk bag - approx. 850kg - including VAT and delivery)

14mm Aggregate Path Chippings

With its unique appearance and surface texture, Cloburn 14mm red aggregate driveway chippings can transform your property.

Hugely popular for domestic paths and garden areas these granite aggregates are fast overtaking river gravel, slate and many other varieties of stone chippings.

They are often used alongside rockery stones because of their ability to allow moisture through to the plants that they surround. Whereas organic mulch can become impermeable as it traps moisture, Cloburn red aggregate remains permeable throughout whilst protecting again wind-blow and dehydration.

Cloburn 14mm red aggregate is also ideal for pathways as it is more comfortable underfoot than many alternatives. Much like when you walk along on a finely pebbled beach, the aggregate moves to accommodate your step pattern.

These stone chippings are popular with home insurance companies too. Many risk assessors and insurers recommend that crushed rock aggregates be used on pathways because of the noise they make when walked on acting as a deterrent to thieves.  Its attractive look can also greatly add to the value of a property and provide a unique selling point for your home.

We can deliver any quantity either in tippers or bulk bags direct to your door. Deliveries can take upto 5 working days, other options are available if required at an extra cost.. Either order online or call us on 01555 663 444. Then we can deliver either straight from our quarry or from one of the stockists in your area.