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How to

How to

At Cloburn Quarry we’re not just interested in getting you to buy our product – we want you to find the right product for your needs so you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

We understand that ordering aggregate can be a confusing process with many questions to be answered – which product is right for you, how much do you need, etc? That’s why we have put together this ‘how to’ section to help you make an informed choice.

Here you will find our aggregate calculator which will help you determine exactly how much aggregate you need for your job. Generally your decision will be governed by the area you wish to cover, the depth and the type of material you wish to use. The aggregate calculator will help you ensure you have the right amount of gravel; pebbles; or stone chippings; and that you don’t overspend on excess product.

In addition, you will find an ‘ask the experts’ section where you can get direct answers from our team of experts about any issues that may be bothering you. For example, if you’re unsure about which product is best for your domestic or commercial landscaping project, then why not call one of our advisers and get the knowledge you need?

Also available are our technical datasheets which provide all the vital information you need to know about our aggregate properties.

Of course if you’re still unsure whether or not Cloburn Quarry is the right choice for you then why not order a sample? That way you can get a clearer idea of the colour and textures available.

Finally, if you’re ready to buy but not sure how, then check out our ‘how to order’ guidelines with all the telephone numbers you need to complete the order process without any hassle.