Applications Of Aggregates From Cloburn Quarry

Cloburn Quarry may date back more than 100 years, but its beautiful red granite has never been more popular with a wide variety of applications.

Most people would know Cloburn Quarry for their Cloburn red which has been used in domestic landscaping. It has over the years become a hallmark of gardens and driveways in the UK and around the world. The aggregates from Cloburn Quarry are ideal for pathways, walkways & driveways. Cloburn aggregates also make for excellent rockery stones. The granite that is mined at Cloburn Quarry has a texture that is soft underfoot, while robust enough to last for years. Customers who install aggregates from Cloburn Quarry know they have a bought a quality product that will last for many, many years.

Commercial & Domestic

However, commercial landscaping is also on the increase with Cloburn’s gravel, pebbles and stone chippings now employed in car parks, golf courses and for sports surfaces around the world. The likes of Gleneagles and Archerfield are among the most famous golf courses already adorned with the product for their walkways; while Cloburn red granite Cresta has become a hallmark of tennis courts, football pitches and running tracks. Of course, the gravel also retains its original use – which is as railway track ballast across many UK tracks. With Cloburn also offering a number of construction materials and drainage solutions, it’s a real problem solver for any commercial landscaping project.

Indeed Cloburn Red can also be put to use on a much smaller scale with many hobbyists using the slate chippings for a variety of purposes. It is popular in fish tanks and aquariums, where it can provide a healthy environment for a number of species; and is also commonly used as rail track ballast for model railways to give the replicas an authentic feel.

However you plan to use Cloburn Quarry’s materials you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality at the most cost-effective price.