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Whatever you’re building, Cloburn can supply all your construction materials

Not only do we supply Europe’s leading red aggregate, we have products for all your needs.

75mm CRUSHER RUN: 0mm-75mm product – should not be laid less than 125mm deep to allow it to be compacted into a first-class load bearing body. Usually used for the base of a road and can be topped with type 1.

TYPE 1 SUB-BASE: 0mm-40mm graded material that complies with all government and road authority specifications. It’s the industry standard sub base for a wide variety of applications. Sometimes referred to as “M.O.T” or “hardcore”

TYPE 2 SUB-BASE: 0mm-20mm graded material, well suited for commercial car parks and blinding applications. If a decorative stone finish required then use red granite Firechip™.

TYPE 3 SUB-BASE: 5mm-40mm – also known as modified type 1, has reduced fines, has been used for equestrian purposes where fines have caused issues.

SCALPINGS: 0mm-20mm – budget sub base material, not ce certified.

PIPE BEDDING – This is a fine aggregate used to surround pipes, cables and ducts to protect them from damage by compression or sharp objects. Here our bright red colour is a recognised safety feature as it gives excavation equipment operators plenty of warning that they are approaching a pipe track.

Granite used as Construction Materials

If you are unsure about what is the best option for your project or if you require a bespoke order then please give us a call on 01555 663 444 or fill in our enquiry form below. 

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