Sports Surfaces

Whether you’re striving to reach the top and match the success of your heroes or just playing for fun, everyone wants their sporting experience to be as close to that of the professionals as possible.

That’s why a popular choice for sports surfaces is Red Granite Cresta™  from Cloburn.

Cresta™ is a long established the solution for tennis courts, running tracks and football pitches. It superseded burnt colliery waste known as “blaes” which was once used in Scotland for playing pitches but was prone to turn into mud.

Cloburn Red Granite Cresta™

0mm-4mm Unwashed Red Dust

In Scotland, outdoor playing pitches used to be surfaced using burnt colliery waste which was known as “blaes”. However, this was a soft material that quickly deteriorated into mud.

By sharp contrast, red granite Cresta™ is produced from granite which means its strong and durable requiring virtually no maintenance. It’s actually a 4mm down product which produces a permeable surface that maintains the correct level of friction. Typically, when used for tennis courts, the result is that the ball slows down and a higher bounce is produced similar to the clay courts of the French Open. This is because there is more grab and when the ball lands there is a greater amount of friction produced which pushes against the ball’s horizontal path. In order to maintain the superb Cresta surface it is usually necessary to carry out occasional rolling or brushing.

Cloburn red granite Cresta is also perfect for running tracks and football pitches as it feels light under foot and has an appealing surface texture. In addition, the Cresta surface is commonly used for walkways and pathways as it offers a visually attractive alternative to other forms of gravel and stone chippings.