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Sports Surfaces

Whether you’re striving to reach the top and match the success of your heroes or just playing for fun, everyone wants their sporting experience to be as close to that of the professionals as possible.

That’s why a popular choice for sports surfaces is Red Granite Cresta™  from Cloburn.

Cresta™ is a long established the solution for tennis courts, running tracks and football pitches. It superseded burnt colliery waste known as “blaes” which was once used in Scotland for playing pitches but was prone to turn into mud.

Cloburn Red Granite Cresta™

The Cloburn Red Granite Cresta™ however, is a 3mm down crushed granite product with an added binder.  As it is produced from the hardest of granites it stands the test of time and produces a permeable surface that only requires minimum maintenance – normally in the form of occasional rolling – to ensure the correct level of friction. It is particularly popular for use on tennis courts where it can create extra grab and a friction that pushes against the ball’s horizontal path.

However, you won’t just find Cloburn Red Granite Cresta™ on the tennis court. It also provides a cost-effective surface for football pitches and running tracks being easy underfoot with just the right amount of grip.