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  • per bulk bag – approx. 850kg – including VAT
  • Shipping is calculated when items are added to basket

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Cloburn red granite Cresta ™ is a long established solution for outdoor playing pitches, tennis courts and running tracks.

In Scotland, these venues used to be surfaced using burnt colliery waste which was known as “blaes”. However, this was a soft material that quickly deteriorated into mud. By sharp contrast, red granite Cresta™ is produced from granite and is notably strong and durable requiring virtually no maintenance. It is actually a 3mm down product with an added binder which allows it to produce a permeable surface that maintains the correct level of friction.

Typically, when used for tennis courts, the result is that the ball slows down and a higher bounce is produced similar to the clay courts of the French Open. This is because there is more grab and when the ball lands there is a greater amount of friction produced which pushes against the ball’s horizontal path. In order to maintain the surface it is usually necessary to carry out occasional rolling.

Cloburn red granite Cresta is also well-suited to running tracks and football pitches as it feels light under foot and has an appealing surface texture. In addition, the surface is also commonly used for walkways and pathways for which it offers a visually attractive alternative to other forms of gravel and stone chippings. Above all however, Cloburn red granite Cresta™ stands out because of its unrivalled combination of strength and colour.

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