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Wind Farm Aggregates & Concrete

Cloburn Quarry are perfectly situated to supply both aggregates and concrete to windfarms in the local area. With our range of high-quality granite aggregates, we can supply anything from Type 1 and Crusher Run to concrete aggregates and ENATS certified cabling sand.






Granite, Stone & Sand Direct From Our Quarry In Lanark to Construction Sites Throughout Lanarkshire & Glasgow

Why Choose Cloburn for your Wind Farm Project?

Cloburn Quarry are renowned for producing both high quality coarse aggregates as well as a high performing washed concrete sand, perfect for high specification projects.

The following properties make Cloburn Quarry your first choice for all windfarm projects…

  • Very low water absorption meaning you can control water contents. This in turn means you can control cement contents producing a higher strength with lower costs
  • High resistance to freeze thaw – the freeze thaw cycle causes water expansion which can crack concrete.
  • Low shrinkage value – reduces chances of cracking, currently 0.023%
  • Excellent shape with a single figure flakiness value – poor shape increases surface area, therefore, requiring more cement.
  • Low water demand – less water, less cement means production cost saving.
  • Low abrasion value – gives longer life and better durability of the end product.

Our unique haulage model also gives us an advantage for high volume requirements. We have access to several different hauliers covering a vast number of trucks, many of these hauliers have been working with us since the early 80s!

Wind Farm Case Studies

Kennoxhead Windfarm, Douglas – Jones Bros

Cloburn Quarry supplied all coarse and fine concrete aggregates to the 2 onsite batching plants for this project, there were 12 bases in total with over 15,000t of material delivered. We also supplemented any concrete requirements from our own ready-mix plant as well as supplying 5,000t of Type 1

Douglas West Windfarm, Poniel – RJ McLeod

Cloburn Quarry supplied all coarse and fine concrete aggregates to the onsite batching plant for this project. We also supplied around 80-100m3 per base from our own ready-mix plant over 10 bases. For this project we also supplied over 80,000t of crusher Run and Type 1

Dalquhandy Windfarm, Poniel – AE Yates

For this project we supplied around 70,000t of Crusher Run and Type 1. We also supplied around 280m3 of concrete for each base in conjunction with another supplier over the 13 bases required

We are suppliers of decorative aggregates throughout the UK and worldwide.

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Cloburn Quarry
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Cloburn Quarry is located near Lanark, Scotland. Delivery throughout the UK and worldwide via bulk bags or tipper trucks.

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