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Cloburn Quarry has been supplying Railway Track Ballast since 1896! It is recognised as the country’s number one railway track ballast suppliers. We can guarantee that you’re given nothing but the top quality railway ballast and the best service when you work with us.

31.5/50m Network Rail Approved Track Ballast

Hard and durable micro granite, hard wearing and long lasting with low attrition value.

Rail track ballast forms the bed on which sleepers are laid and is traditionally packed between, below and around the ties. The idea is that it is used to help drain water away, while also minimising the vegetation that could potentially impact the railway structure. It also helps to hold the track in place while trains roll by and so what many see as simply an aesthetic measure is one that offers numerous maintenance and safety advantages.

Rail Track Ballast

Which stone is best for rail track ballast?

Granite has many more properties than most conventional types of railway track ballast as it’s much harder wearing overall. We’ve provided track ballast across the nation, acting as suppliers to Network Rail, heritage railways and narrow gauge railways throughout the UK and worldwide.

Granite, such as Cloburn Red, is one of the best materials for the job as it will not degrade under load when wet. Few rock types meet the stringent criteria for modern high-speed railway lines and Cloburn sets the standard for all the rest.

Conventional ballast has a tendency to erode/break down over time. This can cause a range of issues that aren’t acceptable with modern-day railway lines. If the track ballast wears over time and develops gaps and dips, the line itself can deviate over time. This can cause huge issues with track alignment which is something that has to be avoided at all costs. Granite is becoming more and more popular in its use for track ballast as it’s density and strength mixed with its angular shape make for a hard-wearing rail ballast that can stay strong for decades.

Delivery By Road, Rail Or Sea!

Rail Track Ballast is crucial to the operation and maintenance of railways. Water drains away from the track, it prevents the ground from becoming unstable, and it provides a stable foundation for the sleepers. We offer our customers a range of delivery options including road, rail, and sea to meet their needs. Cloburn Quarry is a Network Rail Approved supplier of railway ballast in the UK. A high-quality railway ballast service is important to us, so we are committed to providing a high-quality service. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to place an order. We are proud to be able to provide a delivery service that is second to none throughout the UK & Worldwide.

Cloburn railway track ballast

Colburn rail ballast, Network Rail approved and widely used on the UK rail network!

Network Rail approved track ballast

Cloburn Ballast use in the reinstating of the Ferryhill Turntable in Aberdeen to Network Rail.

Track ballast on railway

Track ballast that’s highly trusted and used across the UK!

We are Suppliers to Network Rail, heritage railways and narrow gauge railways throughout the UK and worldwide.

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What is Railway Track Ballast?

Track ballast acts as a base for the track and provides drainage and strength for the heavy loads carried by trains. Ballast is a description of the aggregate material under the rail.

The track ballast forms the base of the track, which supports the load of the track and provides drainage. Rails are typically filled with 30-50mm aggregate. Hard and hard stone is necessary for the ballast of the rail. Withstands heavy wear in a rail environment. Asphalt ballast is usually granite because its strength provides natural durability. Although other types of aggregates may meet the requirements established for roller ballast.

Materials are tested to a high standard to ensure safety and efficiency. Our track ballast meets Network Rail standards for resistance to chipping, abrasion and wear, cleanliness, resistance to freezing and thawing.

Premium Railway Track Ballast

Cloburn railway track ballast is a perfect material for rail tracks. It can withstand the toughest of conditions and has hard-wearing surfaces that don’t wear down quickly, making it an excellent choice when you need a high-quality ballast that can withstand hydrocarbons or water exposure without fail! Granite is a cost-effective and incredibly strong material, so if you need Railway Track Ballast, it makes sense to buy direct from Clobburn.

Red Granite Track Ballast

Why work with Cloburn?

We are committed to delivering a quality product to all of our customers. From our commitment to stringent production to our attention to detail with our logistics, we can guarantee that you’re given nothing but the top quality railway track ballast and the best service when you work with us.

Running our own quarry allows us to control all variables that determine the level and quality of our service. This ensures that we are consistent with our service from production to the finished product. We want nothing but the best for our customers which is why we promise to deliver a quality service to you, our customer.

Our logistical team will ensure that your railway ballast delivery needs are met. Our delivery service covers all of Europe, the UK, and some of the most remote areas on earth!

Customers from the UK, Europe, and Worldwide can benefit from Train Deliveries direct from Lanark. For those where rail may not be the best option, we can arrange shipment to any port in the world from Leith Docks. No matter how large or small your order is, we can provide accurate shipping costs for many locations for railway ballast orders. Please contact our logistics team at 01555 807966 if you have any questions regarding ballast deliveries, requirements or timeframes.

We work with our client’s finding a way of working with them in a manner that suits them best. From creating bespoke services to delivering product on time, we can find a way of fulfilling everyone’s needs! If you have any questions then please get in touch with a member of the Cloburn team today!

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