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Cloburn fine red cubical aggregates are the perfect solution for hard surfaces requiring a colourfast and wear-resistant red coating

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Cloburn Quarry’s fine red aggregate are high strength, durable cubical products commonly used to provide hard wearing red surfaces in concrete block paving and asphalt applications such as bus lanes and cycle paths.

They’re single sized products that combine superb load bearing properties (+400kn) with the colour of Cloburn’s best quality single size aggregates. Cloburn Quarry’s distinctive red granite was formed millions of years ago from molten lava and has stood the test of time.  It’s incredibly durable and the distinctive red colour gets more impressive the longer it’s are exposed to the elements. Cloburn fine aggregate is strong, and also colour and wear resistance, which makes it an attractive and long term solution.

Cloburn Quarry has a world-wide reputation as a provider of thin surface red material and has supplied its premier fine graded aggregates as far afield as the USA, Japan, Holland and Germany. Cloburn products meet all current EU and UK specifications including the new type approval regulations.

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Cresta Fine Aggregates


Granite, Stone & Sand Direct From Our Quarry In Lanark to Construction Sites Throughout Lanarkshire & Glasgow

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Cloburn Quarry is located near Lanark, Scotland. Delivery throughout the UK and worldwide via bulk bags or tipper trucks.

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