What Are the 3 Types of MOT Aggregate – And Which Would Be Best for My Project?

3 Types of MOT Aggregates and Their Applications

MOT aggregate is widely utilised for construction and civil engineering applications. There are three differing types of MOT aggregate available, each with different specifications and usages. 

If you are considering purchasing any type of MOT aggregates for an upcoming project, it is important to source a reputable quarry or stone supplier. Here at Cloburn Quarry, we have reliably supplied MOT aggregates and other construction materials for a wide array of demanding projects, including road construction, hard landscaping, equestrian arena construction – and much more. No matter what your aggregate requirements, we are well-placed to serve your business. We deliver UK and worldwide by rail, ship or road. 

Remember, if you are unsure what quantity of MOT aggregate to use then please feel free to give our team a call or fill out our enquiry form. We’re a friendly bunch and here to help! 

To help you determine which type of MOT aggregate would best suit your project, the team at Cloburn Quarry have put together a quick explainer for your reference …


MOT Type 1 Sub-base

MOT Type 1 aggregate is a crushed limestone that conforms to the requirements of the Ministry of Transport’s specification for highway works. It is often produced using materials such as limestone, gritstone, basalt, brick, concrete and hardcore. 

Thanks to its hardy properties, MOT Type 1 aggregate is a high quality, durable material that can be used for a variety of applications. It should be used for any projects that require a firm sub-base and is often used in the construction of roads, highways, and pathways. 

MOT TYPE 1 SUB-BASE: 0mm-40mm graded material that complies with all government and road authority specifications. Also referred to as “M.O.T” or “hardcore”.


MOT Type 2 Sub-base

MOT Type 2 refers to a form of crushed aggregate that is finer than MOT Type 1. It can be used to provide a sub base for a wide array of commercial and domestic projects. When compacted, it is particularly suitable for driveways.

Thanks to its favourable drainage properties, MOT Type 2 aggregates are also frequently used for pathways and walkways. You can also utilise MOT Type 2 as a backfill material or to fill in potholes. It compacts easily to provide a free-draining base, which explains its popularity for the aforementioned projects.

MOT TYPE 2 SUB-BASE: 0mm-20mm graded material – suitable for commercial car parks and blinding applications.


MOT Type 3 Aggregates

MOT Type 3 aggregate is a coarse, granular material. It is a well-graded material, typically used in road construction and as a base layer for other construction materials such as asphalt. 

Although similar to MOT Type 1 from a visual standpoint, they differ in specification – Type 3 is much finer. MOT Type 3 is fully certified in accordance with the Specification for Highway Works. Other applications for MOT Type 3 include sub-bases for equestrian arenas and applications where reduced fines are required. It can help avoid issues such as drain blockage, which can sometimes occur with MOT type 1. 

MOT TYPE 3 SUB-BASE: 5mm-40mm (also known as Modified Type 1).

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