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High Specification Concrete Aggregates

Cloburn concrete aggregates are often called for in high specification projects where quality is paramount.


Cloburn Quarry are renowned for producing probably the best concrete aggregate available in Central Scotland.

Coarse Aggregate:  4mm – 20mm
This provides the bulk of the finished product. It is a low shrinkage, low water absorption, high strength aggregate with a bulk density of 1.4 tonnes per cm3. Using Cloburn aggregates will therefore allow you to produce more concrete per tonne than other aggregates which average around 1.6 tonnes per cm3.

Fine Aggregate: 0mm – 3mm Granitsand™ 
Sand, mixed with cement and water provides the matrix of the concrete. Cloburn sand is produced from the finest quality granite and will make the finished product structurally sound and highly resistant to wear. Sand is normally the weak link with regard to wear resistance in concrete products but not the sand from Cloburn. This is a quality which is of particular importance for concrete floors, roads and dock areas.

The significant properties of Cloburn concrete aggregates are;  

  • Very low water absorption
  • High resistance to freeze thaw – MSSV value 0
  • Low shrinkage – value 0.04%
  • High strength – Ten percent fines value plus 370Kn
  • Excellent shape with a flakiness normally is single figures
  • Lower water demand than most other aggregates = less cement
  • Low bulk density giving more cubic metres of concrete per tonne of aggregate
  • Low Chloride and Sulphate content <0.01%
  • Low Abrasion value giving longer life

Delivery Details

Cloburn Quarry is located near Lanark, Scotland. Delivery throughout the UK and worldwide via bulk bags or tipper trucks.

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