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Cloburn Quarry produces a wide range of Europe’s premier red granite materials suitable for commercial use.

In recent times the use of decorative stone in both domestic landscaping and commercial landscaping has become popular for use not only by homeowners in their gardens but also to enhance the exterior of commercial premises. Whether it a combination of gravel, boulders, cobbles, cobblestones, or feature stones, people can create stunning designs that can be used to enhance a garden or outdoor space.

Decorative stone can be used to provide a landscape that will enhance the look of your property. Whether it is for a patio, a water feature or as an edge to a path or gravel driveway, Cloburn has the idea stone solution for you. We can offer our customers a range of stone such as red granite that can be used to help you design a unique and special outdoor space.

If you are interested in using decorative stone to change the look of your garden, we are here for you. Call our team here at Cloburn to get details of all the options available to you.

Decorative Stone for Landscaping & Garden Design

There are several advantages to be gained from the use of stone as decoration in garden design. Stone is not only a low maintenance option to both soil and grass, but it also results in a large amount of moisture retention, which helps plants to stay hydrated and thrive. Using stone in creative ways can enhance planting schemes and create stunning garden features. Red granite and red gravel are popular stones to use in the garden as they offer a unique alternative to your traditional boulders, cobbles, gravel, cobblestones, or feature stones.

The use of decorative stones in gardens helps keep them weed-free and not only reduces the level of maintenance but can add colour and texture to any outside space. Using decorative stone such as red granite chippings as well as being maintenance-free can add texture and colour to any garden. If you’re stuck between what would be the best choice, gravel or granite, we know granite is a far superior choice.

Using decorative stone in landscaping is ideal for masking areas of outdoor space that was previously unsightly by hiding things such as waste outlets. By mixing decorative stone with plants and other features you can turn the area into an inviting and more useable space.

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Red Decorative Stone

Here at Cloburn, we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with a high-quality red granite that has been used as red decorative stone for many years. Our stone has been quarried for over 120 years and has its origins in molten lava. As a result, it has a rich red colouring which is now famously known as Lanark red and is available under that name from builders’ merchants throughout the UK.

Seen in Landscaping circles as a far superior alternative to gravel due to its rich colour, expensive look and texture. Available to buy online the ideal size of red granite chippings for use as decorative stones are 6mm Red Granite10mm Red Granite14mm Red Granite and 20mm Red Granite with 6mm and 10mm sizes being a particular favourite for use as stone to decorate garden paths or edge boarders. Our team is happy to provide free samples for customers to enable them to check not only size but also the quality and suitability of our red granite for their project. We have the facility to deliver decorative stone in bags directly from Cloburn Quarry to the United Kingdom or, worldwide.

decorative stone pathway
garden with decorative stone

For Decorative Aggregates such as Stone, Granite, & Chippings, contact Cloburns today!

So, if you are looking for an attractive and quality decorative stone for a landscaping project or to improve the look of your home’s entrance or driveway, we are here for you. Our red granite decorative stones will enhance the look of any outdoor space. For all the information on our red granite decorative stone call our team here at Cloburn or request a free sample online. We are happy to accommodate decorative stone bulk orders. Taking advantage of our easy-to-use gravel calculator will help you estimate how much granite you need for your project.

We are suppliers of decorative aggregates throughout the UK and worldwide.

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