Red Granite Chippings – All you need to know!

Red Granite Chippings

Red Granite Chippings are made from molten lava formed over millions of years, they are known for having the best combination of texture, colour, surface and strength out of all of the red aggregates which are available in the United Kingdom. Cloburn Quarry Company can supply bags of red granite chippings in 20kg bags of 20mm,14mm, 10mm and 6mm bags. We at Cloburn Quarry supply our granite for a range of domestic and commercial uses. If you would like more information on our red granite chippings please visit please contact a member of the team today!

Why should you choose Red Granite Chippings?

They are extremely versatile and can be used for both domestic and commercial uses. Granite chippings are exceptionally cost effective which means if you are decorating your garden on a budget, our granite chippings may be the perfect solution to transform the entire look of your garden without losing track of your allocated budget.

What are the uses of Red Granite Chippings?

Red granite chippings have a wide range of uses and are a great feature for any type of landscaping project. They are great for brightening up your garden and can help bring to life any plants or borders on your land which are looking slightly dull. Red granite chippings are also a brilliant way of bringing colour to your garden and can create a great first impression at first glance.

Most people use red granite for driveways or footpaths around their home. If you would like to use granite chippings for this please ensure you use chippings which are slightly larger than the size you may have originally thought. The smallest size chippings could get caught in shoes and tyres. Cloburn Quarry offers 20mm Red Granite which will not move out of place as you drive on it or walk on it.

Granite chippings look good in all weather conditions throughout the whole year. Red granite also soaks up the water which prevents puddles forming and therefore reduces the risk of injury by slipping. Red granite chippings can also be used in water features such as ponds. When the chippings are wet they offer a gorgeous shiny finish which can add an extra something special to any garden or water feature.

Advantages of Red Stone & Granite Chippings

There are many advantages of using red stone chippings for your home. They are maintenance free once laid which also means they are also extremely cost effective and budget friendly. The chippings themselves last years whilst still maintaining very good condition which again will benefit your costs in the long run. These chippings are an attractive and colourful way to liven up an outdoor space or landscape project. They look good throughout the whole year round during wet and dry weather conditions. Red granite chippings also make a noise when you walk or drive on them which can alert you whilst in your home, that someone is approaching the house. This means it can be extremely useful for home security purposes as well as adding value to your property.

Where can you Use Our Red Granite Chippings?

  • Sports Surfaces
  • Golf Course Pathways
  • Railway Materials
  • Road Surfaces
  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Domestic Landscaping

Red granite chippings are actually everywhere even if you haven’t realised it before. You can find them in car parks, golf courses, cycle paths, on the road, walkways, sports surfaces and many more. Cloburn offer red granite chippings which drain water and are extremely easy to walk on but can still hold heavy loads and will not break under heavy cars or lorries.

They have become one of the most used materials in the world and have been vastly used amongst landscape architectures and contractors for sports grounds. These chippings are also a great cost-effective solution as well as being visually attractive. Hundreds of Golf courses in the United Kingdom use red granite chippings for their courses.

Spot the difference

When it comes to redesigning your garden you will often come across two material options, Red Granite and Red Gravel. Both look extremely similar but have completely different levels of quality. It is very important to do some research before deciding which material is perfect for you and your home. Luckily for you, Cloburn has some found some information for you to help you decide today.

Cloburn work with different customers from all over the globe, if you have any queries about the services we offer then please get in touch with a member of the Cloburn team who would be happy to help. We are one of the biggest Granite Quarries in the whole of Europe and can provide a huge range of red granite to customers across the United Kingdom and Europe for any projects.

Red granite

Red granite is extremely versatile and can be used for many different projects. Our red granite comes in a range of different sizes for different uses. Our main sizes can be found below.

  • 20MM Red Granite Aggregate
  • 14 MM Red Granite Aggregate
  • 10 MM Red Granite Aggregate
  • 6 MM Red Granite Aggregate

Red granite is extremely high quality and requires little to no maintenance. It is the perfect way to replace your original gravel with something to liven up driveways and walkways. Red granite is also known as Lanark Red, Cloburn Quarry Company is based here and we are extremely proud to be Europes premier red granite quarry. We supply high-quality granite for use as decorative aggregates.

Red Gravel

Red gravel has a rich deep colour and essentially is loose aggregates of rock fragments. These loose fragments come in different sizes and vary in different shapes. Gravel may look like granite but with gravel comes a lack of quality that most certainly does not come with granite. Over time gravel can erode and lose its colour which can leave you with mismatching driveways or walkways. To prevent being caught out we would recommend buying some sample products to know what you’re getting before committing to buying a product that you may regret in the near future. If you would like to order some granite samples before buying in bulk we would be more than happy to help you.

Calculate quantity

Cloburn Quarry Company have tried to make every step of the process as easy as possible for you, starting with the calculations. You will need to calculate approximately the quantity of chippings you will need for your project. We have provided you with our Aggregate Calculator which will tell you how many bags of chippings you will need in just a few seconds. All you have to do is input the length, width and depth of the of your landscape and we will do all the work for you.

Be Inspired

Decorating your garden can be an extremely exciting project. Whilst the best time to redecorate your garden in the Winter as all of the plants are dormant, looking at your garden in the Summer can give you the chance to grasp how you use the space and what features you would benefit from. Garden Landscaping is an ideal way of crafting a gorgeous space to grow plants and put down new footpaths. Here are some images of some garden landscaping ideas to inspire you!

Why Cloburn Quarry Company?

Whether you are looking to redesign your garden or if you are a large company who are looking for landscaping materials Cloburn Quarry Company are the solution. If you have any questions about our red granite please get in touch with a friendly member of the Cloburn team today. Call us on 01555 807 484 to find out about the vast range of products that we have available to help you with your project.

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